"In her two pieces, Aileen Itani showed herself above all to be a master of nuance, notwithstanding her fundamentally broad and well-projected voice….Ideally, the music reviewers’ prize concert is not simply a promotion of two musicians that we find especially noteworthy; it is also an indication of the level at which classical music is currently being performed in Denmark, and here that bar was set unusually high."

Jakob Levinsen, Jyllands-Posten

Varvara in KÁT’A KABANOVÁ/Janáček

Danish National Opera

American soprano Aileen Itani, who lives here in Denmark, nearly stole the show with her carefree counterpoint to the tormented Katja.

Valdemar Lønsted, Information


Soprano Aileen Itani is indomitable in the freshness of her youth as Varvara… This is the art of singing at its best.

Peter Johannes Erichsen, Weekendavisen


As [Katja’s] opposite, who chooses to flee the stultifying atmosphere, soprano Aileen Itani offered an absolutely complete portrait of the vibrant young girl, Varvara. Itani, with her sweetness, radiance and fundamental vocal command, gives the part a dramatic, positive nerve and presence—not to mention humour.

Jens Henneberg, Nordjyske Stiftstidende

Female Chorus in RAPE OF LUCRETIA/Britten

Royal Danish Opera

The Choruses are sung excellently by tenor Michael Kristensen and American-born Aileen Bramhall Itani – she is the production’s best contributor with the stylistic vocal security and linguistic precision that are alpha and omega in Britten’s narrative and textually precise music.

Jens Cornelius, Jyllands-Posten


The night of the premiere Aileen Bramhall Itani deservedly received a thunderous ovation.

Søren Schauser, Berlingske Tidende


The Choruses were brought to life with dramatic inspiration and vocal brilliance by Michael Kristensen and Aileen Bramhall Itani.

Kjell A. Johansson, Kristianstadsbladet

Marguerite in FAUST/Gounod

Danish National Opera

On the evening of the premiere, Aileen Itani sang a completely convincing Marguerite. In her first entrance, she is able to come across as the most modest, virtuous schoolgirl—two hours later, madness tears at her, after she has been betrayed and has killed her child. Theatrically a very fine performance, but vocally as well—her pure, lyric soprano is never strained or forced, but is rather a voice one drinks in and never tires of listening to.

Jakob Holm, Kristeligt Dagblad


The young soprano sang admirably with sparkling musicality, astounding security, and a most fascinating sound.

John Christiansen, Jyllands-Posten


The production’s Marguerite resembles anything but Hergé’s overripe diva. She is sung superbly by Aileen Itani and resembles rather a French schoolgirl, complete with hair band and flat shoes. This kind of age-realism is rarely seen in the opera world. For once, we don’t have to imagine our way to the real thing.

Søren Schauser, Berlingske Tidende


It was an undivided pleasure to make the acquaintance of Marguerite, sung by Aileen Itani, whose silvery, supple and gorgeous soprano embraced all aspects of the role's emotional range.

Jens Henneberg, Nordjyske Stiftstidende