Springtime E-koncert with
Aalborg Symfoniorkester


The COVID-19 pandemic put the kaibosh on lots of wonderful music, cancelling and postponing projects and musicmaking we'll never get back.

But I was supremely lucky to be invited to be a part of Aalborg Symfoniorkester's E-koncert series, performing Luciano Berio's Folksongs under the baton of veteran Danish maestro Michael Schønwandt.

What an adventure, and what a work!  Hope you enjoy it!

The Berio begins at 26:36 on the linked video.



My biography will tell you the details of my training and work history.  I'm proud of the work that I've done and the amazing artists I've been fortunate enough to work with, and I hope you'll read that too . But these are the reasons I sing, what drives me.

Teamwork. Commitment. 

My early training – both formally at conservatory and informally at places like the College Light Opera Company, an insanely intesive summer theatre producing nine shows every summer – showed me the importance of placing my core values of preparation, discipline and collaboration ahead of ego or self-promotion.  Not just because it's the right thing to do – It's also lots more fun that way.

Communication. Passion.

From my first years, before I ever began to sing, I loved words.  Words – languages – are still in some ways my first love, because they are the vehicle that connects me to the music I perform and the audiences I seek to reach.  Opera may not always feature the most elegant or profound texts, but finding the truth of them in the lyric and dramatic expression of the moment is what keeps me coming back.  I'm a lucky gal.